Microsoft has leaked and hinted at a huge update coming to Windows 10, but we haven’t heard anything concrete yet. Now, the Redmond tech giant has announced an event that will show us what’s coming to Windows 10.

Microsoft’s Big Event for Windows 10

You can check out all the details on the Microsoft Windows website. We say “details,” but unfortunately, there’s not a great deal on the page right now.

The webpage invites you to “join us to see what’s next for Windows” and provides a time, date, and a reminder link for the event… and that’s it. If you want to know more, you’ll have to come back on June 24, 2021, at 11 am Eastern Time.

As such, we don’t know for sure what Microsoft will announce during the event. What we do know is that it won’t be about Windows 10X, as the software giant recently pulled the plug on that project and began porting its features onto Windows 10.

It’s highly likely that this presentation will be about Sun Valley. We’ve seen so many leaks, hints, and gradual updates related to Sun Valley in recent weeks, that it seems inevitable that Microsoft will properly announce it during this presentation.

Of course, we may be totally wrong; we don’t know everything Microsoft has up its sleeves. As such, the only way we’ll know for sure is to tune in on the day.

Something New for Windows 10

Microsoft has released an intriguing, if not sparse, event announcement that will show off the future of Windows 10. As such, we’ll only know what it’s about once it has started… but our money is on Sun Valley.

If you have no idea what “Sun Valley” means, it’s a planned UI upgrade for all of Windows 10. While Microsoft hasn’t given us a firm release date for it, we’ve seen snippets and gradual releases over the past few months.